By working closely with the City and the community to address and improve the issues faced within Reche Canyon, our goal is to make Rancho del Prado the best project possible for the City of Colton and our neighbors who live nearby.

Catalyst for important public facilities and road improvements

  • Provides mechanism to identify and fund roadway improvements and traffic control along Reche Canyon Road to offset impacts
  • Looped connector road addresses need for secondary point of access for existing and new neighborhoods
  • In partnership with other developers, creates an additional emergency evacuation route out of the Canyon
  • Generates new ongoing revenue for vital public services such as police, fire, libraries, and schools
  • Ensures upgraded water infrastructure for storage, flow, and fire protection
  • Provides needed on-site emergency fire facilities and fuel modification plantings

A project proposal guided by a thoughtful, transparent public process

  • Led by University Realty LLC, part of Arizona State University’s Enterprise Partners, a non-profit organization that accepts philanthropic gifts of real estate to fund scholarships
  • Multi-step process with extensive opportunities for public review
  • Designed to address community priorities as well as development needs
  • From concept through plan development, community input has been sought and incorporated

Complements Colton’s Housing Element and helps improve quality of life

  • Efficient use of site to allow for significant conservation of open space
  • Diversifies housing stock with “move-up” opportunities
  • Helps encourage community investment
  • Emphasizes both on- and off-site recreational opportunities for a healthy lifestyle

Protects and preserves natural resources, open space, and trails

  • Embraces and honors a remarkable natural setting
  • Protects ridgelines and minimizes visual impacts
  • Will set aside approximately half of the project area for open space, including land for active and passive parks
  • Dedicates an additional 227 adjacent acres to the northeast for open space
  • All together, more than 75 percent of the total gifted land will be conserved as parks and open space